Thursday, November 10, 2011

Easy Vegetable Soup, Slow Cooker Style

Ingredients in crockpot waiting to be cooked
I've just realized that making veggie soup in the crockpot is easy! Yes!

All you have to do is either sautee some onions and garlic and carrots (or cook them on 'high' in the crockpot with some oil oil for a few minutes). Then put them in the crockpot. Add some other veggies (potatoes, green beans, peas, corn,...anything, really). Add veggie broth (enough to barely cover the veggies in the pot) and VOILA! Cook on low for about 8 hours and then add in some salt and pepper and perhaps some spinach and canned or pre-cooked beans (kidney, navy, whatever....) for the last few minutes.

Easy! Plus the house will smell good! ( know, not to say that it doesn't already.)

If you don't have a crockpot or you need to make veggie soup a bit more quickly (in, say, a veggie soup emergency), this recipe from Nutrition MD looks good: Potato Vegetable Soup.

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