About Me

This is me right before eating the most delicious veggie meal I've ever had.
It was as amazing as that pepper grinder was large!
(at a bar in Siena, Italy, 2009)
I've been vegetarian since the Fall of 2007. It's not something that everyone would enjoy, I know, but I have loved this journey. It has exposed me to all sorts of foods that I had not even known existed: hominy, quinoa, coconut oil,...and then there's tofu. I mean, I knew it existed, but I remember thinking, "What? There's more than one kind of that crap?!"  Would you believe I make pies out of it now? And they are damn good. (It's weird!)

Vegetarianism is no big deal. Most people think it would feel depriving to not have meat, but, really I don't think of meals as chicken plus whatever. Now, it's all about the whatever, and the whatever is so limitless.

I originally became vegetarian because I had read a few books about factory farms (and I'll just leave it at that). I'm not out to proselytize or make people feel badly about about eating meat. It's a personal choice, and I'm not offended when people eat meat around me. After all, I ate it for 30 years, so....that's that.

I created this site because I have had a few people ask me about vegetarianism over the past year, and I also thought it'd be fun to document my cooking journey.

Thanks for checking out my blog!