Basic Meal Ideas

Some random / easy meals to try:

1) Rice and beans! Mix and match all sorts of different kids of rices and beans. Kidney beans and yellow rice, in particular, are great together. Throw in some guacamole, tomatoes, onions, slivered almonds (weird, yes, but so good!). Basically, any kind of Mexican food is super-easy to make vegetarian. Tacos, quesadillas (if you eat cheese, of course), enchiladas, burritos...

2) Pasta. Make spaghetti and add some spaghetti sauce. If it's not hearty enough, chop up and sautee a portabello mushroom, and throw it in the sauce.  Or try pasta with pesto. Throw in some roasted veggies. So good! We like ours with tomatos, a few kalamata olives and pine nuts and whatever else we have laying around.

3) Amy's Kitchen makes great vegetarian chili in a can. AK also makes amazing frozen dinners and pretty good pizzas.

4) Quinoa.  ...soooo good. It's like rice but is a complete protein. The brown kind is the best. Yes, that's a fact.

5) Black bean or other kinds of garden burgers with flavor. Throw 'em in some buns, slather on some guacamole and sauteed onions, and then serve them with sweet potato fries or whatever else suits your fancy.

6) Roasted veggies with rice. Just chop up any kind of vegetable (zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, garlic, carrots....or all of 'em together).  Put them on a cookie sheet. Put a little olive oil on them, stir it around and bake at around 350 for 20 minutes. Serve with rice or pasta. I loooove jasmin rice.

7) Give baked potatoes or baked sweet potatoes a whirl. Baked sweet potatoes are great with a dab of coconut butter or with Earth Balance butter and a little brown sugar.

8) Soups and bread and salad (make the salad filling by putting on slivered almonds, olives and anything else that is a bit fatty). 

9) Pizza: Make your own with Bobolli or order a veggie pizza from Pizza Hut (or wherever). Try cheeseless with red pepper flakes. (I know...I know...but you might be pleasantly surprised!)

Good luck!